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About L.E.A.D.

Law Enforcement Against Drugs (L.E.A.D.) is a non profit (501C3) organization, supported by dedicated police officers, committed to protecting our youth and communities from the proliferation of drugs, drug related crimes, peer to peer/cyber bullying and violence.

We achieve our goals by collaborating with educators, community leaders, families and L.E.A.D. support organizations.

  • L.E.A.D. offers the only 10 week, evidence based, tested and proven effective, K-12 ATOD, curriculum delivered by Law Enforcement in the United States.
  • L.E.A.D. is the most rapidly growing drug and violence prevention program in the United States, with certified Instructors in 45 states.
  • L.E.A.D. creates true partnerships with schools by training police officers and teachers in the L.E.A.D. authorized curriculum.
  • With 5,000 L.E.A.D. Instructors (police officers, teachers, and prevention specialists) nationwide, L.E.A.D addresses what matters- drugs, bullying, and violence.
  • Our strategic relationship with the Mendez Foundation allows us to offer tested and effective curricula that includes information on the safe use of prescription, OTC drugs and all opioids.
  • The 10 week Too Good for Drugs (TGFD) curricula includes tested and proven effective information on all drugs including opioids.
  • L.E.A.D. instructors are the community leaders in addressing the opioid epidemic in local cities and towns.
  • L.E.A.D. Agencies and Instructors create safer, healthier communities through schools, businesses and community leaders.
  • L.E.A.D. Agencies are the major source of distribution in providing Naloxone on the street in communities throughout the United States.

L.E.A.D. has a prestigious organizational structure with national leaders from its board of directors to its advisory boards and working groups. The various boards include the past president and the current president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), as well as internationally recognized business, financial, and prevention experts- with over 90 leaders from these fields to serve local communities. L.E.A.D. also maintains ON THE STREET Officer and Educator Certification Programs. These trainings are designed to certify all Law Enforcement Officers and Teachers in detailed curricula that addresses the Missions of L.E.A.D. The curricula will be presented in (4) four modules to address Drug Abuse, Drug Related Crimes, Bullying and Violence while Promoting Law Enforcement Services.

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