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Monmouth Mall Vendors

The Monmouth Mall Carnival will open on Friday, June 2 and run through Sunday, June 11.

Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday 3:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Food Vendor Guidelines:
  • Vendors will pay a $500 upfront guarantee for their space. L.E.A.D. FEST will receive 20% of the vendor’s sales. Should the percentage of sales go over $500, we would deduct the $500 guarantee from the final number.
  • Each application requires a $100 refundable security deposit check that will be returned to you if there is no damage to your area.
  • A $150 utility fee will be charged to all food concessionaires. This fee includes water, electric, trash removal, and general grounds cleanup. All grease and oils must be removed by vendor. Vendors are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of their display areas.
  • Products offered for sale must be appropriate for an audience of all ages. Event organizers reserve the right to refuse the sale or display of any items deemed inappropriate.
  • Sales must be contained within the leased space. Spaces may not be transferred or subleased.
  • Each vendor must always have a person at their booth.

  • Vendors must be present for all dates of the event. Any vendor that leaves early will be charged a fee. You must supply L.E.A.D. with a credit card number and authorization agreeing to these terms at check-in.
  • All vendors must provide insurance or purchase their own through our account. Certificates of Insurance must be addressed to the following entities:
L.E.A.D. Inc.
5 South Main Street
Allentown, NJ 08501

Monmouth Mall
180 NJ-35
Eatontown, NJ 07724

  • COIs may be attached below in the form or submitted later via email to Deidre at or in the mail to the L.E.A.D. Headquarters.

Monmouth Mall Food Vendor Application 2023

Business Information


Previous Vendor

Event Day

List Total Space Requirements (for trailers, please list size with open awnings and trailer tongues, if not removable):

in feet
in feet

Please include a sketch of the proposed layout.

List Electrical Requirements:

To better partner with our food concessionaires, L.E.A.D. FEST will set limitations on the number of vendors that can sell particular food items. Please list all items that you intend to offer for sale in the order of importance to your operation. Each food concessionaire will be informed of their approved menus.

Please include pricing for each item.


All applications must include this form, payment in full ($500), the non-refundable $150 Utility Fee, and a refundable $100 Security Deposit that will be returned to each vendor following the event if there is no damage to your area.

Payment Options

If paying by check, mail your check to:
L.E.A.D. Inc
Attn: Leanne Seeley
5 South Main Street
Allentown, NJ 08501

Credit Card Payment
Bypass this section if paying with check.
Food Vendor Payment (Including Utility Fee and Refundable Security Deposit)


All participants must read the below Hold Harmless Agreement to submit their application. By checking the box, you are agreeing to these terms.
Hold Harmless Agreement

COI Attachments
Can also be submitted at later date.


Monmouth Mall COI


1. L.E.A.D. will need to approve your application to move forward. If there is any reason on L.E.A.D.'s end that we can no longer accommodate your business at our event, we will refund any application fees.

2. All businesses are recommended to arrive on site 30 minutes – 1 hour before opening each day to guarantee a parking spot and have everything set by the time gates open.

3. Each business is required to be present daily unless L.E.A.D. chooses to close due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. If there are any emergencies or delays, please contact L.E.A.D. to let them know.

Applications must include the following:
- This form, completed in its entirety
- Full payment of $500
- $100 Refundable Security Deposit
- $150 Non-refundable Utility Fee
- A Certificate of Liability Insurance addressed to L.E.A.D. Inc. and Monmouth Mall.

Should you choose to pay with a check or submit paper documents, please mail to:
Attn: Leanne Seeley
5 South Main Street
Allentown, NJ 08501

For any questions or email submissions, please contact Deidre at
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